Report: Telling Update On Cam Newton’s Immediate Future


Cam Newton may be one of the best quarterbacks available as a free agent, but that doesn’t mean he’s going to find a new home soon. Without starting jobs available, it is very hard to see an obvious landing spot for him in the immediate future.

In late August, Newton was released by the New England Patriots, for whom he started at quarterback last season. Bill Belichick opted to hand the job over to rookie first-round pick Mac Jones, who impressed throughout training camp and the preseason.

Newton has said all the right things about the Patriots and Jones after the release. He has also made it clear that he is not retiring, and plans to play in the league again. According to NFL insider Ian Rapoport, he may have to wait a while. He was asked if any team in the league has shown interest in Newton, during an appearance on WEEI’s Gresh & Keefe.

“If there is, I haven’t found it,” Rapoport said.“I would never rule anything out in that situation because sometimes teams like to keep it quiet. I just, I haven’t found a possible home.”

Rapoport says he’s not surprised by the lack of interest at this point. He cites last year’s free agency, when Cam didn’t get many looks until the Patriots decided to bring him in to bridge the gap from Tom Brady to the next quarterback, who wound up being Jones.

“And, really that’s not surprising. If you go back last year before the season, (Newton) didn’t have a ton of interest before the Patriots decided to sign him. And this offseason he didn’t have a ton of interest before the Patriots decided to sign him again. So, it’s not like teams are going to look at the preseason tape and say, ‘OK, well, now I believe he can be a starter.’ “

It seems unlikely that Cam Newton wants to sign somewhere to sit behind an established player, so he may be okay with the waiting game as well.

Starting quarterbacks go down virtually every year in the NFL. Whether the team it happens to is willing to bring in Cam vs. ride it out with their QB2 is another question, but I’m sure we’ll see his name pop up at some point this year.

[Gresh & Keefe via NESN]


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