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Report: Sean Payton Has A Surprising Plan At Quarterback

The New Orleans Saints didn’t appear to have a clear plan at quarterback in place when Drew Brees retired. But a new report suggests that head coach Sean Payton has known all along what he’d do.

According to Ben Volin of the Boston Globe, the impending quarterback battle between Taysom Hill and Jameis Winston is “not truly open” in Payton’s eyes. Payton reportedly plans to start Hill regardless, and only switch to Winston if his “experiment” with Hill fails.

While a bit baffling to some, it would pretty much gel with what we’ve seen from Payton already. Last year he gave all four starts that Drew Brees missed to Hill.

Hill responded with a 3-1 record that helped them secure the NFC South title. He would finish the year completing 73-percent of his passes for 928 yards and four touchdowns with another eight rushing touchdowns.

Winston threw just 11 passes all of last season.

Given how the New Orleans Saints offense is designed, many Saints fans would probably want a more polished passer like Jameis Winston to be the starter (even if he is notorious for turning the ball over).

Taysom Hill has wowed people with his versatility, but he really hasn’t shown that he’s anything close to an above-average quarterback.

What we see in training camp will probably tell us a lot about how dedicated Payton is to making the Taysom Hill experiment work. If Winston clearly outshines Hill but doesn’t get the starting job, a lot of people will start scratching their heads.

Who do you think Sean Payton should go with at quarterback?

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