Report: NFL Teams Have 1 Main Issue With Cam Newton


The New England Patriots released Cam Newton last Tuesday. Since then, there have been no reported opportunities for the former league MVP.

There has been speculation over whether or not Newton, 32, would sign somewhere to be a backup, but right now, he doesn’t have any offers to mull over. According to Pro Football Talk’s Mike Florio, there are two main explanations for why there’s no market for Newton yet.

Florio wrote Sunday morning that the reason for the lack of interest in Cam is “his history of injuries and a belief that he’s not throwing the ball very well.” Florio also downplayed the accusation from former Patriots linebacker Rob Ninkovich that Newton had trouble grasping the team’s playbook.

“This same source bristled loudly at former Patriots linebacker Rob Ninkovich’s recent suggestion that Newton didn’t understand the playbook, and that a rookie quarterback had to help him learn it,” Florio wrote. “. …The source believes that a bunch of former Patriots players (such as Ninkovich) had a hard time with Tom Brady leaving and Cam Newton replacing Brady.

“Also, pointing to potential red herrings like playbook issues or distractions from music being played at practice cover up the basic truth. Cam was the starter until he failed to comply with a fairly basic aspect of the rule applicable to unvaccinated players.”

Of course, as Florio hints, Newton’s unvaccinated status could be further complicating his NFL future. He had to miss multiple days of training camp this summer because he came into close contact with someone who tested positive, and a team might not want to invest in a veteran backup who could be unavailable due to protocols.

If we had to guess, Newton will wind up signing somewhere after the season starts. A team that loses a starter to injury might decide he is worth the risk and add him.

In the meantime, he’ll just have to be patient.


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