Report: How Much Arch Manning Could Earn As College Freshman


Arch Manning is already one of the most talked about high school football recruits in the history of the industry. If the five star lives up to the hype, he could make millions of dollars as a college freshman.

Per Darren Rovell, he estimates Manning could make as much as $10 million as a freshman in college. Why? His name alone will be valuable in potential endorsement deals.

“Arch Manning I could see making $10 Million as a freshman in college,” Rovell said during an interview with Dan Patrick on Thursday. “Everyone who had Peyton and Eli are gonna wanna sign him. … When you say, ‘Who’s the guy who’s gonna come in and blow this thing up?’ That’s the guy who I think of. But he’s got two years to go.”

Rovell’s right. Arch’s name, alone, will be enough to earn major money. If he lives up to the hype, his compensation will sky-rocket.

College athlete compensation will majorly favor certain family names. Arch Manning is ahead of the pack in that department. He’s the nephew of former NFL greats Peyton and Eli.

Arch isn’t just known for his name, though. He’s one of the highest-rated prospects in his class. The five star will start playing college football in 2023.

From the second Arch signs with a program, he’s going to have major endorsement deals coming his way. He could end up being the highest-paid college athlete by the time his collegiate career comes to a close.


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