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Report: Big 12 Has Meeting Later This Evening

We may soon get further word regarding the ongoing situation involving the Texas Longhorns and Oklahoma Sooners.

The Big 12 athletic directors and CEOs will meet Thursday evening, per Dennis Dodd of CBS Sports. Though a reason hasn’t been listed, they’ll presumably discuss the latest reports surrounding Texas and Oklahoma.

Conference realignment rumors have once again surfaced within the college ranks. This time, it looks like Oklahoma and Texas are flirting with the SEC and considering breaking up with the Big 12. Doing so would leave the conference, which currently sits at 10 teams, in shambles.

The conference’s most important leaders will meet Thursday evening. It’s expected that they will discuss the Longhorns and Sooners’ potential move.

Let’s be honest here. If Oklahoma and Texas leave the Big 12, the conference is toast.

The Big 12 has only 10 teams, and is practically carried by the Longhorns and Sooners because of their brand and on-field success (the latter being Oklahoma). If the two premier programs leave, it would leave the Big 12 with eight teams, none of which have the brand UT or OU do.

The expectation, at that point, would be that the Big 12 would dissolve as the rest of the major conferences fight for the scraps. So you could potentially see teams like Texas Tech and Kansas go to the Pac-12, for example.

Plenty is at stake here. It’s not an exaggeration to say this could shape the future of college football.

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