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Report: Aaron Rodgers Makes Decision As NFL Opt-Out Deadline Passes

If Aaron Rodgers was going to opt-out of the 2021 NFL season, he would have had to make that declaration by 4 p.m. ET this afternoon. By all accounts, he has not done so.

Opting out would have mitigated the financial cost that Rodgers may suffer by holding out through the summer. However, it would have been non-reversible, officially ending Rodgers’ season before he has a chance to change his mind or see how things develop with the Green Bay Packers and around the league.

This doesn’t mean that he’s definitely suiting up for the Packers this fall, of course. We haven’t heard much from Rodgers’ camp over the last few weeks. Things seem to still be in the same holding pattern.

Still, this is good news for the franchise. It means there is still a chance to win Rodgers over ahead of the season. Even with Jordan Love’s development earlier this offseason, that is the clear goal for a team that is built to play for Super Bowls right now.

Opting out was called the “nuclear option” for Aaron Rodgers. Doing so would save him a few million dollars that he couldn’t be fined for missing the totality of training camp. Of course, it would set in stones his plans for the year as well, so it may not have been worth it if he’s not 100-percent committed to missing the year.

Earlier this offseason, around the NFL Draft, it was rumored that Rodgers could be moved, with the Denver Broncos being the most common trade partner. On Thursday, ESPN’s Jeremy Fowler said that he currently has “no trade market” as the Packers continue to insist that they will not trade him this offseason.

Even if his Packers playing days are over, it makes much more sense for the franchise to wait and see what a more full trade market will look like ahead of 2022, with information on potential draft picks and other pieces in return. Of course, most Green Bay Packers fans just want this to be over, and for the MVP to be suited up and under center in Week 1.

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