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Report: 1 Team Still ‘Monitoring’ Aaron Rodgers Situation

Aaron Rodgers remains a member of the Green Bay Packers, though for how much longer will that be the case?

The superstar quarterback apparently plans on playing somewhere in 2021. According to multiple reports, Rodgers could have opted out of the 2021 season and held onto most of his money. Instead, Rodgers has reportedly let the opt-out deadline come and go.

Sports Illustrated’s Bill Huber reported on Friday that Rodgers did not opt-out.

Aaron Rodgers could have opted out of the 2021 NFL season over fears of COVID-19 as a way to not return to the Green Bay Packers but also not pay through the nose via the fines and the returning of signing bonus.

Rodgers did not jump through that loophole.

According to a source, Rodgers did not opt out by Friday’s deadline.

While that seems to indicate that Rodgers plans on playing in 2021, it doesn’t guarantee it will be in Green Bay.

According to a report from ESPN’s Jeremy Fowler, the Denver Broncos continue to monitor the trade situation for Rodgers.

“I’m told, from the Broncos’ perspective, that yes, they are monitoring Rodgers and whatever situation might be out there with quarterbacks, but they like their current setup,” Fowler said on “SportsCenter” on Saturday, per 247Sports. “They like Drew Lock and believe he’s a different guy this year with his work ethic. And they like Teddy Bridgewater. They believe he can win games, too. (But) they’ll look into Rodgers if he’s available. … They’re certainly not going to overreact right now.”

The Broncos have been the team mentioned the most for Rodgers since his trade demand rumors surfaced.

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