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Ray Allen Reveals He Was In Terrifying Bike Accident

Ray Allen was often referred to as the best-conditioned player in the NBA. The shooting guard stayed in shape by running and cycling, among other things. While he’s been retired for several years, Allen still likes to stay in shape.

Unfortunately, Allen was in a scary cycling accident over the weekend. Thankfully, he’s OK, but he suffered some nasty-looking scrapes and bruises.

Allen said he was cycling home when he noticed a car approaching behind him. The 45-year-old former NBA star sped up to get out of the car’s way and then looked behind him. When he did that, he noticed the car was gone. Unfortunately, right when he turned around, his bike hit a tree branch.

“I ran over a tree branch that was in the road and my front wheel went haywire and threw me from the bike. I landed on my face, shoulder and hip. I got up immediately and walked about 100 yards back to my house in shock. When I got into the house I lost my breath and almost passed out. My wife immediately took me to the hospital to make sure that I didn’t have any internal bleeding,” he wrote on Instagram.

Thankfully, Allen did not suffer any serious injuries.

“Had my vitals checked and a few X-rays taken and all was ok. Thank God for my helmet because as you can see in the picture my head hit the ground and I didn’t even realize it. I wasn’t riding fast at all but the ground still took its toll. When you’re riding you can’t take your eyes off the road because something bad could happen! My helmet saved me from a far worse fate. I didn’t want to post this at first because no one wants to show their missteps in life, but as you get older, you learn that life isn’t always about being cool or perfect. It is ok to be vulnerable! More importantly, I had to post this as a reminder for everyone to please wear your helmets when you ride!”

Always wear your helmet!

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