Rajon Rondo of the Los Angeles Lakers trolls a reporter over a question about his playing time.


The Los Angeles Lakers re-signed Rajon Rondo this offseason, but his role is less clear than it was during the team’s championship run in 2020. So, how many minutes will Rondo get this season?

According to the 35-year-old veteran guard, there are a variety of options. On Thursday, September 30, Rondo told reporters, “Coach told me anywhere from 0 to 48.” “We’ll cross over into that realm..” I’m grateful to be here, regardless of how many minutes I play or don’t play. Even if I’m not playing, I know I can bring a lot more. ”

Due to his high basketball IQ and ability to run an offense, Rondo can still contribute to a championship-caliber team. Last season, he played 45 games for the Hawks and Clippers, averaging 5. 2 points, 4 points 4 rebounds and 4 assists In 17, there were four assists. 1 minute and 40 seconds of shooting 4% from the three-point line. Rondo averaged

per game. 1 point, 4 points 1 rebounds for a total of 6. There are five assists and one. From 2018 to 2020, he had 0 steals in 94 games for the Lakers, but he came alive in the playoffs during the team’s title run.

The Lakers have hinted that Rajon Rondo’s minutes will be limited

The Lakers have used Jared Dudley as a player-coach the last two seasons, utilizing his locker room and leadership skills. This year, Rondo could play a similar role for the Lakers, though his skill set is a little more valuable than Dudley’s. When asked about who would fill Dudley’s role, head coach Frank Vogel told Spectrum SportsNet’s “Lakeshow” podcast, “Internally, we’ve got some guys.” “I think Rondo’s return can be a real positive voice from a guy who won’t be playing as much but can have a big impact on our team with his leadership.” ”

It’s clear that Rondo was missed in the Lakers locker room last season, and that he missed playing with LeBron James, whom he praised. Rondo said of James,

, “It’s what greatness is all about.” “Every team he’s been a part of has reached the pinnacle of success..” Everyone else has to follow, lock in, and try to do the same when a guy like that sets the tone. ”

Russell Westbrook, Rajon Rondo Set the Tone for the Lakers

While LeBron James is the undisputed leader, expect Rondo and Russell Westbrook to up the ante during practice. Rondo has stated that he and his old rival will compete against each other. During Tuesday’s media day, Rondo told reporters, “Russ and I have been competing for so long.” “He’s one of the best, most ruthless competitors I’ve ever faced.” I enjoy competing with Russ. He’ll bring it every night, I’m sure. I’m sure he’s out to get me… Similarly, I intend to destroy him. ”

$ They are already pushing the pace now that they have been reloaded and rested. “Last year, after coming off the bubble, it literally took everything away from you.”

“Any energy you had was completely gone by the time we left there,” James explained. “With the quick start to the season that we had, the life of the party was a little bit, just like, it was just a little bit stale..” You have every right to be so. Guys simply didn’t have the chance to take a mental break. ”

On October 1, the Lakers begin their preseason schedule. At home, they face the Brooklyn Nets in a three-game series. Clean Bowled News

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