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Raiders GM Uses 2 Words To Describe Jon Gruden, Derek Carr

A big factor of the Raiders‘ potential success revolves around the relationship between quarterback Derek Carr and head coach Jon Gruden. It may be better than most expect.

Raiders GM Mike Mayock compared Carr and Gruden’s relationship to a “corny marriage” this week. And he didn’t mean it as an insult.

Carr and Gruden are apparently on the same page in pretty much every facet. Carr apparently is even finishing Gruden’s sentences these days.

It doesn’t appear the two have any relationship issues. That’s a good sign heading into a pivotal 2021 season.

“They’re definitely on the same page. Derek is even finishing Jon’s sentences now,” Mayock said, via the Las Vegas Review-Journal. “It’s like a corny marriage. It’s really funny.”

That’s not all, either. Maycok went on to say Carr picks up on everything Gruden throws his way. In other words, the two are in-sync when it comes down to the Xs and Os.

“I don’t know if Derek has a photographic memory or not, but his memory is mind-boggling,” Mayock continued, via “Jon puts a lot on his plate and he handles it seamlessly. The two seasons I’ve been here, he’s gotten better each year. I’m excited to see where he can take this thing.”

Mayock’s comments don’t allude to Jon Gruden moving on from Derek Carr anytime soon. But that, of course, could change at any given moment.

If Carr doesn’t live up to the Raiders’ expectations this upcoming season, Gruden will probably look at other options.

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