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Prominent ACC Head Coach Says His Players Don’t Like 12-Team Playoff Proposal

In all likelihood, the College Football Playoff is expanding to 12 teams in a few years. The current proposal goes much further than most would have guessed for expansion, and would allow at least one Group of Five team in the field each year.

This should be good news for the second-tier Power Five programs of the world. Now, it won’t take a totally historic accomplishment like an undefeated, and some luck with the selection committee, to get a spot. Most teams will at least have an opportunity if they can put together a Top 12 resume.

North Carolina fits that bill. Mack Brown has done a very nice job in rejuvenating the program his second time around in Chapel Hill, but the Tar Heels are still a program that would have a serious uphill battle getting into the top four, even in a tremendous season. Top 12 is certainly in range though.

Still, the Tar Heel players don’t like the new CFP proposal. Mack Brown spoke about it, and said that his guys would prefer something like a six or eight-team field.

“There’s been a 12-game playoff proposal. We took it to our players and we asked them what they thought because it’s going to affect them more than anybody else. And our players were against the 12-team playoff,” Brown said at a summer press conference this week, via Inside Carolina.

It’s an interesting take for the players, and you can certainly argue that an eight-team College Football Playoff would expand things enough without watering down the product. If North Carolina finishes at No. 10 in a few years, and has a chance to win a national title, you probably won’t see many complaints at that point.

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