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Police Chief Clarifies What Happened With Richard Sherman

NFL star Richard Sherman was arrested early this morning after a string of troubling alleged incidents. Among the charges against him is “burglary domestic violence and malicious mischief.” We now have some clarity around what this means.

According to Darrell Lowe, chief of police in Redmond, Wash., Sherman attempted to force his way into the home of his “ex-in-laws.”

Ashley Moss, Sherman’s wife, clarified earlier that they are still together, and issued her support to her husband: “He didn’t harm anybody… My kids were not harmed in the incident. He’s a good person and this is not his character.”

Sherman reportedly never entered the home, but had a verbal altercation with Moss’ parents. His status as their son-in-law led to the “domestic violence” designation in the charge. Lowe confirmed that it is “not because of violence against any family member/significant other.”

The situation is still very troubling for Sherman, who remains unsigned this offseason after three years with the San Francisco 49ers. Before the incident with his in-laws, Sherman is being investigated for his role in a hit-and-run, which left Department of Transportation property damaged after a vehicle struck a concrete barrier.

The vehicle involved in the accident was “abandoned in a nearby parking lot,” according to ESPN’s Adam Schefter. It is reportedly registered to Sherman.

Sherman and a police officer reportedly sustained minor injuries. The cornerback was bitten by a police dog on his lower leg, while allegedly resisting arrest.

We’ll have more on the Richard Sherman situation as it comes out, and we get clarity on what went down late last night and early in the morning. Hopefully everyone involved remains healthy and safe.

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