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Peyton Manning Makes His Thoughts On Broncos Very Clear

Peyton Manning has been linked to a handful of different jobs ever since he retired from the NFL. Some fans are hopeful that he’ll become a broadcaster, while others want him to take on an executive role.

There’s no update on his career at this time, but Manning was recently asked about his relationship with the Denver Broncos. This is because there’s currently tension between the Bowlen family and the three trustees managing the team.

Manning was asked if the recent uncertainty surrounding the Broncos would prevent him from returning to the Broncos.

Though he didn’t commit to any future roles with the franchise, Manning made it clear that he’s keeping an eye on Denver’s power struggle.

“I’ve gone on a year-to-year basis in this second chapter. I’m going to try to do this, this year. I don’t go past that because you try different things and maybe you like it, maybe you don’t,” Manning said. “I’ll always be a part of the Colts and Broncos organizations in some way. But I’m interested in what’s going to happen. I haven’t said no to anything officially forever. I’ve just said no to some things each year. The next year maybe things change. So who knows what will happen in that.”

Denver would be lucky to have Manning in the building, as he would bring some stability to the franchise.

The odds of Manning joining the Broncos while there’s an ongoing feud seem slim though.

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