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Peyton Manning Gave His Mom Credit For Tom Brady’s Ring Count

While Tom Brady’s NFL career has continued to thrive long since Peyton Manning retired, he’ll always have to look back on the rings that got away due to his decades-long rivalry with him. And while Tom Brady’s Super Bowl ring count has always been greater than Manning’s, Manning is still joking about how Brady could have had more.

In a recent interview ahead of Brady’s appearance in The Match this week, Manning credited his mother with keeping Brady from having double-digit Super Bowl rings.  “If it wasn’t for my mother, Olivia Manning, he’d have  11 of ’em,” Peyton said.

Manning is referring to himself and his brother, Eli Manning, who both gave Brady hell in the postseason. Between Super Bowls and the AFC playoffs, the Manning brothers collectively ended Brady’s Super Bowl runs five times.

Peyton knocked Brady out in three AFC Championship Games, while Eli beat Brady in two Super Bowls. But Brady still boasts nearly double their combined ring count.

Peyton Manning entered the NFL just two years before Tom Brady did, but his NFL career has thus far lasted several fewer seasons.

Manning is slated to enter the Pro Football Hall of Fame this year, while Brady is getting ready for his 21st NFL season.

The two NFL legends may be done battling on the football field, but we have years of media trash-talking to look forward to now.

Will Tom Brady reach double-digit Super Bowl rings before he retires?

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