Peyton, Eli Manning Sum Up Their ‘Monday Night Football’ Decision


Earlier this summer, ESPN announced an exciting alternate Monday Night Football broadcasting format involving Peyton and Eli Manning.

For 10 games in each of the next three seasons, the two former NFL QB brothers will lead a supplementary broadcast on ESPN2 that features current and former players as guests during Monday night’s primetime matchups.

According to the Manning bros, this alternate format should provide a more casual analysis of the game.

“I kinda see it as just two brothers watching an NFL game at a bar and the viewer is watching it with us,” Peyton said during an appearance with The Colin Cowherd Podcast on Wednesday, “and we’re watching it as a fan.”

In addition to this casual, fan-based approach, the Mannings also hope to provide some player insight as longtime NFL quarterbacks.

“I think the fact that I get to watch a Monday night game with my brother, that I haven’t done since 1993, that’s cool. And we get to maybe take the viewer behind the ropes a little bit on what the quarterbacks coach is saying to the quarterback… Eli and I can give you those conversations,” Peyton added.

“When you play quarterback, you don’t just know the quarterback position,” Eli said, “you know what the receivers are supposed to do, you know what the offensive line’s supposed to do, you know every defense and where they’re supposed to be lined up… So we can break that down.”

As a former player with years of NFL experience, Peyton said his coverage of the game is almost always going to give the player the benefit of the doubt.

“I’m going to be hard pressed to say anything negative,” he said. “…I know how hard it is. I’m going to be a quarterback defender, a player defender.”

The Peyton and Eli coverage will begin with the first three weeks of the 2021 season, starting with the Sep. 13 Monday night opener between the Baltimore Ravens and the Las Vegas Raiders this coming week.


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