Peter King Names ‘Perfect’ 2022 Team For Aaron Rodgers


We finally know where Aaron Rodgers will be playing in 2021. The MVP quarterback has returned to Green Bay and is committed to playing for the Packers this season.

“It’s the best feeling,” Rodgers said of his return. “It was a little strange, I think, Day 1 just because I was gone for the entire offseason and contemplated my own future and the possibility of playing somewhere else as well. But when I’m back here, I’m 100 percent all in.

“You know me, you know what I’m all about. I love my teammates. I love competing. I do love practice. I love to go out and give it to the young corner when I can, get after these guys, talk a little smack, especially with a new D-coordinator in here, we’ve got to let him know how it goes around here. It’s good to be back.”

But will Rodgers be around for more than the 2021 season? That seems unlikely.

If Rodgers does move onto a new team in 2022, Peter King believes there’s one “perfect” destination.

Denver is such a perfect team for Rodgers in 2022. I’m sure Carolina and Philadelphia and Washington will enter the fray if/when Green Bay trades him, but sending him to the AFC minimizes the rematches which I’m sure the Packers would want to avoid at all costs.

The Broncos have been linked to Rodgers since the start of his trade rumors. Rodgers has reportedly expressed interest in playing in Denver, too.

Where do you see Rodgers ending up next season?


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