Peter King Names 1 NFL Team He’s ‘Cooling’ On


14 teams made the NFL playoffs in 2020 and many of those teams are expected to contend for the postseason again. But one of those teams has NFL insider Peter King less than impressed heading into the season.

In his latest Football Morning in America column, King revealed that he is “cool on” the Indianapolis Colts. He listed off a bunch of issues they have and potential issues they might face as the season progresses.

The biggest criticism King has of the Colts is their current vaccination status. He pointed out that their star players, quarterback Carson Wentz and linebacker Darius Leonard, are both unvaccinated.

King noted that Wentz has already missed time due to close contact with an infected person. So long as he remains unvaccinated, he will miss time every time that happens.

Via Football Morning in America:

Teams I’m cool on: I want to like the COLTSbut their two most important players, Carson Wentz and Darius Leonard, aren’t vaccinated, and Wentz just missed five days because of a close contact with an infected person. It seems incredible that, after missing five days of work with his new team on the heels of missing significant time due to foot surgery, that Wentz won’t take the shot. (A vaxxed player who has been a close contact with an infected person doesn’t sit unless he tests positive. An unvaxxed player sits for five days, no exceptions.) “Trust me, I have weighed a lot of things,” Wentz said. “I know what is at stake. It is just where I am at and where I am at with my family.” Does Wentz really know what is at stake? And is it really worth passing on an overwhelmingly safe injection for whatever reason he won’t take it? But that’s America in 2021.

NFL players are inevitably going to miss big games due to COVID-19. We’ve already seen several big name players get scratched from Week 1 after testing positive or coming into contact with someone who has.

That will inevitable affect wins and losses, and could be the difference between a team making the playoffs and not.

The Indianapolis Colts made the playoffs at 11-5 last year and expect to make it again this year. But if King is right, they may find themselves to be a bigger obstacle than any particular team.


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