Patriots Veteran Has Very Telling Admission On Mac Jones


After he tore apart opposing defenses in 2020 at Alabama, Mac Jones landed on the New England Patriots in this spring’s NFL Draft. Considering the time that he spent with Nick Saban in college, the quarterback seemed like a natural fit alongside Bill Belichick.

Jones has proven exactly that in his first preseason with the Patriots. Reports from camp have lauded the rookie quarterback’s play and his teammates have all spoken highly of his skills and his maturity.

The latest member of the Patriots to jump aboard the Jones bandwagon is veteran Dont’a Hightower. The New England linebacker said that the team’s new quarterback was seemingly able to adapt better to the NFL than most of the rookies he’s seen, most likely because of his time playing for Saban at Alabama.

“He’s just being Mac. I don’t think that he’s asking for asking for a lot,” Hightower said, via Mark Daniels of The Providence Journal. “I think he’s just kind of going about things the way that he knows how and just kind of happens to marry up to a lot of the ways that we’ve done it here. Obviously with Bill [and Saban]being close, they have some things kind of [run]teams in similar ways. And so he was able to adapt to things a lot easier than most rookies.”

There’s certainly truth to the notion that Saban produces NFL-ready talent year in and year out. Jones might just be the latest in a long line of Alabama players that have thrived once they arrived in the league.

The rookie quarterback will get his first major opportunity to prove that he is worthy of the Patriots starting job this weekend. New England will take on the Miami Dolphins and Jones will get his first snaps in an NFL regular season game.

If he’s truly as talented and ready as the Patriots seem to think he is, the Dolphins and the rest of the league should be worried.

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