Patrick Mahomes Speaks Out On Sha’Carri Richardson Decision


Sha’Carri Richardson, one of the rising stars in the track world, won’t race in the Tokyo Olympics this month. Why? She tested positive for marijuana and has received a one-month ban, as a result.

There was hope the ban would be lifted for the Tokyo Olympics, but the committee has, instead, doubled down. She was not selected to race in the 4×100-meter relay or the 100-meter race. It’s a devastating blow for one of the best female sprinters in the world. Even NFL quarterback Patrick Mahomes is disappointed in the unfortunate series of events.

“She put in the work. Even though she made a mistake, like we all make mistakes … to not let her be at the Olympics at all is pretty ridiculous to me,” Mahomes said during ESPN’s First Take on Thursday. 

The events surrounding Richardson will hopefully spark a major rule change surrounding U.S. Track & Field in coming years. If it does, it’ll still be too late for Richardson to compete in the Tokyo Olympics.

Back in April, Sha’Carri Richardson ran a 10.72-second 100-meter dash. It was the sixth-fastest time in women’s history.

There’s no doubt Richardson would have been a tremendous contributor for Team USA this month. Instead, one of the world’s best sprinters will miss out on the entire competition because of a failed drug test.

We look forward to what’s in store for Richardson in coming years. There’s no doubt she will be back in the mix by the 2024 Olympics in Paris.


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