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Patrick Mahomes Reacts To Travis Kelce’s Surprising Admission

Patrick Mahomes and Travis Kelce have a pretty strong connection on the field, but even the superstar quarterback didn’t know the secret that his tight end “revealed” on Wednesday.

In an interview on the “Bussin with the Boys” podcast, Kelce shared that his last name is actually pronounced “Kelse” instead of “Kel-see.” If this is true, it is news to pretty much everyone, including Mahomes.

“You learn something new every day,” the Chiefs QB wrote on Twitter in response to Kelce’s revelation.

Of course, there are some who think that Kelce is just trolling or having fun. After all, he easily could have corrected the pronunciation of his last name many times in the past.

Plus, Travis has a brother Jason in the NFL who also uses the common pronunciation. Something just isn’t adding up.

If it is a joke though, either Mahomes is in on it, or he fell for it, judging by his reaction.

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