Patrick Mahomes Reacts To Aaron Rodgers, Packers Drama


The origins of quarterback Aaron Rodgers‘ ongoing beef with the Green Bay Packers remains a bit of a mystery since neither party will address it. But Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes has a theory he wants to share.

In a recent media interview, Mahomes was asked how he can prevent him and the Chiefs having a similar problem in the future. Mahomes replied that communication is key, and believes that Rodgers and the Packers may have “lost that communication factor” along the way.

“…I think the biggest thing when you look as an outsider it’s all about communication. Aaron has played a long time for that organization and at some point they lost that communication factor,” Mahomes said. “I think that’s where the disconnect just kind of happened.”

“Communication” has certainly been a common buzzword used by analysts and insiders when addressing the controversy. Rodgers has not attended any Packers teams activities since the end of the NFC Championship Game.

The relationship between Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers may have been deteriorating for a while though. He was allegedly on the outs with head coach Mike McCarthy when he was fired in 2018. And under head coach Matt LaFleur, Rodgers still wasn’t believed to be happy even amid back-to-back NFC Championship Game appearances.

Maybe the relationship between Rodgers and the Packers can be salvaged. But there are only a few weeks to go until preseason and a few more weeks before training camp.

There are only a few days left until we find out what Rodgers’ situation with the Packers is REALLY like.


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