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Pat McAfee Shares New Details On Aaron Rodgers Situation

There are people looking everywhere for information on what Aaron Rodgers will do next–even the schedules of cleaning services in the Green Bay area.

Yesterday, Packers play-by-broadcaster Wayne Larrivee appeared on NFL Network and said he has unconfirmed reports of Rodgers hiring a service to deep-clean his Green Bay home next week. If true, this would seem to indicate the three-time MVP intends on reporting for training camp.

However, on his radio show today, Pat McAfee cited a text message from Rodgers saying he has never had his house cleaned by anyone but his own personal cleaner. Through McAfee, Rodgers also threw cold water on the idea that his renewal of a Green Bay country club membership last month carries deeper meaning.

“The country club renewal isn’t something that I pick and choose to do,” Rodgers told McAfee, implying that it happened automatically.

Take from this what you will. All we know is that hopefully the Rodgers saga will end soon with him reporting to camp.

If he doesn’t though, get ready for this to drag on for as long as he stays away, as the Packers have given no indications they want to trade the QB at all.

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