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Packers President Has Honest Response To Aaron Rodgers Question

With training camp roughly 10 days away, the NFL world is anxiously waiting to see if Aaron Rodgers will report to the Green Bay Packers’ facility.

Rodgers’ status for the 2021 season won’t just affect where Green Bay stands in the NFC, it could negatively impact the franchise’s financial situation. He’s one of the most electric players in the league and is undoubtedly the main draw when seeing a Packers game.

On Friday, Packers president Mark Murphy was on a Zoom call to discuss the team’s financial fiscal-year. At one point during the call, Murphy was asked about Rodgers’ future.

Unfortunately for Packers fans, Murphy didn’t have an update on the reigning MVP’s status.

“I appreciate the question,” Murphy said. “This is really limited to questions regarding financial statements. I would just say there’s nothing new to update on the issue that you raised.”

Earlier this week, ESPN insider Adam Schefter made some telling remarks about Rodgers’ relationship with the Packers.

“We’ll see how the Packers handle it, but the one thing I feel very comfortable and confident in saying is Aaron Rodgers does not want to play there anymore,” Schefter said.”The question is whether they can convince him to do it, and I don’t know how that’s going to work out.”

This doesn’t mean that Rodgers won’t show up to training camp. There’s still some work that needs to be done by both sides though, as they haven’t found a middle ground just yet.

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