Old Comment From McKenzie Milton’s Surgeon Going Viral


Sunday night proved to be a memorable one in the world of college football, thanks to Florida State quarterback McKenzie Milton.

Sunday night’s Florida State-Notre Dame game was what college football is all about. The crowd was raucous. The teams were blue bloods. And the on-field play was an ESPN Classic.

Milton, the former UCF star, helped the Seminoles orchestrate a memorable comeback, scoring 18 points in the fourth quarter to send the game to overtime. Notre Dame escaped with the victory thanks to a 41-yard field goal in the second half of the first overtime. Despite the loss, Milton was without a doubt the biggest story of the game.

A year or two ago, no one would’ve believed you if you would’ve told them Milton would be playing football in 2021. Even his former surgeon believes Milton’s comeback is nothing short of a miracle.

“A slam-dunk home run with a case like this is being able to walk normally, and have no pain,” Milton’s surgeon told the star quarterback several years ago.

McKenzie Milton was always committed to returning to the gridiron. He completed his comeback on Sunday evening.

So what’s the ceiling for Milton and the Florida State Seminoles this season? Well, it looks like they still have to figure out who their starting quarterback is. Milton absolutely has merit after his strong and electric performance against Notre Dame Sunday night.

Regardless, Milton should be proud of what he’s accomplished. His own surgeon didn’t believe Milton would ever play football again.


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