Ohio State Fans Are Getting Concerned With C.J. Stroud


There’s still an entire half of football left to play in today’s game between Ohio State and Oregon, but there are already plenty of fans expressing their concern with C.J. Stroud’s performance.

Most of Stroud’s passes in the first quarter against Oregon have been high. Chris Olave and Garrett Wilson are talented enough to corral an errant throw, but at some point Stroud has to settle down.

Until we see Stroud establish a rhythm this afternoon, Ohio State fans will be tweeting out their concerns about the redshirt freshman.

“I’m concerned about CJ Stroud I think he’s talked up just because he’s a Buckeye,” one fan said. He has no composure and little accuracy hopefully that will come in time and I hope he proves me wrong with just hope it doesn’t cost us any wins.”

“C.J. Stroud’s accuracy concerns me,” another fan wrote.

Stroud’s mechanics this afternoon haven’t been very sharp. Fans have already pointed out that he’s not using the lower half of his body when throwing downfield.

“C.J. Stroud just isn’t stepping forward and driving the ball so everything sails high on him,” Shane Hallam of Draft Countdown tweeted. “Needs that footwork cleaned up.”

Before fans write off Stroud, just remember that he had a slow start against Minnesota. He had an exceptional second half, however, completing five passes for 236 passing yards and four touchdowns.

Time will tell if Stroud can bounce back and lead the Buckeyes to a crucial win over the Ducks.


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