Nick Saban Reveals His Preference For The SEC Schedule


You can count Nick Saban among those who are in favor of the SEC potentially expanding to a nine-game conference season.

Currently, the SEC and ACC are the two Power Five conferences sticking with eight-game league slates. The Big Ten, Big 12 and Pac-12 have all moved to nine-game models.

This summer, when the SEC voted to add Oklahoma and Texas to the league down the line, there was talk of the conference eventually adapting a nine-game intraleague schedule. If it does, you won’t hear Saban complaining.

In fact, the Alabama head coach advocated for such a change on Wednesday.

“I don’t have any control over how we schedule games in the SEC, but I think ever since we went to more teams in the SEC, the only way you’re going to play everybody is to play more SEC games,” Saban said, via’s Mike Rodak. “I’ve been an advocate of that for some time with very little support.”

By moving to nine conference games, the SEC would alleviate some of the scheduling issues it has where league members often go for extended periods of time without playing some other schools in the conference.

On the negative side though, replacing a non-conference game with an additional SEC contest means another potential loss for teams and could affect their postseason outlooks. The SEC will have to consider all of that before making the switch.


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