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Nick Saban Admits 1 Thing ‘Scares Him To Death’

The Alabama Crimson Tide dominated their way to a national championship victory this past year, capping off an undefeated season with a win over Ohio State in the title game.

Nick Saban claimed his seventh national championship as a head coach and continued to distinguish himself as one of the best leaders college football has ever seen.

Alabama was quick to lock down Saban this spring with a contract extension that will last through the 2028 season. That means the 69-year-old head coach will be at the helm in Tuscaloosa for the foreseeable future and the Crimson Tide should remain a perennial contender.

Thinking about a college football landscape without Saban is strange because it seems like the day that he leaves will never come. The Alabama head coach also clearly isn’t ready to hang it up as he explained that not being a part of a team scares him “to death.”

“I played second base on little league when I was 9 years old. I’ve been a part of a team since I was 9 years old. That’s 60 years I’ve been a part of a team. I am scared to death of when I’m not going to be a part of a team,” Saban said when asked about his drive to continue coaching, per Sam Khan Jr. of The Athletic.

It’s hard to blame Saban for feeling the way that he does. As a college football coach, he’s reached unprecedented heights that will surely lead to a letdown after his days on the sidelines are done.

Under his new contract with Alabama, Saban will be in charge until late into his 70’s, something that many college football coaches haven’t been able to do successfully.

If he’s able to a win a few more national championships, he could solidify his legacy as the greatest college football coach of all time.

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