NFL World Reacts To Tom Brady’s Scary Message


At 44 years of age, Tom Brady can’t have that much time left in the National Football League, right? That’s what the rest of the league is hoping, anyway.

Brady has said for a while that he plans on retiring at the age of 45. That would mean one more season at the most in Tampa Bay. The rest of the league will surely breathe a sigh of relief when they no longer have to worry about Brady.

However, Brady appears to be walking back those “retire at 45” comments. He now plans on playing for a while longer.

“Hopefully, I’m here for a long time,” Brady told the Tampa Bay Times.

Good luck stopping Brady anytime soon, NFL.

The Buccaneers enter the 2021 season among the favorites to win the Super Bowl. Tampa Bay is coming off a Super Bowl championship in 2020.

Brady doesn’t plan on leaving anytime soon, either. However, some believe Brady might be hinting at a post-football role in Tampa Bay, too.

“Wonder if he wants to continue to do things with the franchise after he hangs them up. That’s what I’m hearing here,” one fan tweeted.

“I think this is his last one otherwise he would have done his contract already. If he doesn’t win this season, then he may extend to stay for another one,” another fan added.

“I am just glad Brady listened to his heart and not the national media about playing for Tampa. Most national media other then our local at the time didn’t understand his decision but it’s obvious it was the right one. The Goat has a lot left in the tank!!” one fan wrote.

Brady did agree to a one-year extension earlier this offseason. However, it’s possible things will be re-worked following the 2021 season, depending on how things shake out.

Tampa Bay will open the 2021 season on Thursday, Sept. 9 against Dallas.


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