NFL World Reacts To The Zach Wilson Mom News


The mother of New York Jets rookie quarterback Zach Wilson has been quite active on social media, often going viral on Twitter and Instagram.

Lisa Wilson, the mother of the top NFL Draft pick, first trended earlier this spring. She’s since had multiple viral moments on social media.

Zach Wilson has reportedly been bothered by the social media activity. Lisa Wilson admitted that her son offered to pay her to shut down her accounts. However, she refused.

“People out there that think I embarrass my son — has he asked me to take down my social media? He has before. And he says ‘Mom, if it’s about money, I’ll give you money.’ I said ‘Zach, I don’t need your money,’” she said in her post.

Unsurprisingly, fans of non-Jets teams are loving this situation.

“Thank the good lord we have Daniel Jones as our QB. This will be a never ending reality show while Zach and his mommy are with the jets. They just want to be famous and the other just wants to win football games,” a Giants fan tweeted.

“Glad we dodged this in Jacksonville,” a Jaguars fan tweeted.

Others, though, are praising Lisa Wilson for her social media activity.

“Wow if you actually watched her stories she’s an amazing woman her work ethic is second to none and she motivates countless people,” one fan wrote.

Some, of course, are just choosing to ignore the social media activity as a whole.

“For now it’s still a free country and she can say whatever the hell she wants. I haven’t heard a word of any of it because I just don’t care enough to listen. Problem solved,” one fan added.

That’s probably the right mindset to have.


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