NFL World Reacts To The Urban Meyer Rumors


Talk is cheap, but there sure is a lot of it surrounding Urban Meyer and the Jacksonville Jaguars right now.

Ahead of Meyer’s debut in Jacksonville, a report from CBS Sports suggests that there’s already been a lot of turmoil.

NFL insider Jason La Canfora reports that Meyer has become “unhinged” at times during his first months with the Jaguars.

There have been repeated issues with other coaches on staff, with Meyer’s temper and lack of familiarity with the ebbs and flows of the NFL calendar rubbing the Jacksonville Jaguars staff and players the wrong way, the sources said. There is a disconnect at times between the members of the staff with extensive pro experience and those who lack it, and morale has suffered as the outbursts have continued. His fiery remarks to players and coaches after games have already struck many as bizarre.

One anonymous source had a telling admission.

“He has everyone looking over their shoulders already,” one source told CBS Sports. “He becomes unhinged way too easily, and he doesn’t know how to handle losing, even in the preseason. He loses it and wants to take over the drills himself. It’s not good.”

Of course, it’s just speculation right now. But most fans don’t seem to be surprised by this.

“Doesn’t surprise me. College players put up with nonsense like that because they have to. NFL HC can only get away with this when they show one thing… Wins.. They start losing, it will get bad,” one fan suggested.

That’s true, but there are plenty of college head coaches who experienced great success in the NFL – Pete Carroll and Jimmy Johnson at the top of the list.

Others are confident Meyer can have success, too.

“I will reiterate that believe Urban Meyer will be successful in the NFL. Having rooted against his Ohio State teams, he’s one of the best football coaches I’ve seen in my life,” Ryan Glasspiegel shared.

Meyer and the Jaguars will start the season on Sunday at 1 p.m. E.T. Jacksonville is facing Houston to open the year.


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