NFL World Reacts To Telling Cam Newton Details


More details have started to emerge from the New England Patriots’ decision to release quarterback Cam Newton earlier this week.

The Patriots stunned the football world with the decision to release Newton on Tuesday. Newton was the expected starter under center for Bill Belichick’s team. However, the Patriots are opting to go with rookie Mac Jones.

A former Patriots linebacker provided some telling details on Newton’s time with New England.

Former Patriots linebacker Rob Ninkovich revealed that Jones was actually helping Newton learn the team’s playbook.

“I got some inside sources now, and I won’t say names, but from what I gained from sources inside the actual building… Mac was basically helping Cam learn the playbook,” Ninkovich said. “Mac was having less mental errors and a better understanding of the offense.”

Nikovich added that Newton didn’t run the no-huddle or two-minute offense in the preseason, perhaps because he wasn’t up to speed with the playbook.

NFL fans aren’t sure what to make of this. Nikovich played for the Patriots for a long time, so it would not be surprising if he still had legitimate sources within the organization. However, it’s still tough to believe that a rookie was teaching a veteran quarterback the playbook.

“I don’t buy this for a second. I’m getting really sick of New England dragging Cam through the mud. He’s gone, keep his name out of your mouth,” one fan tweeted.

“This is just sad at this point, they continue to try to slander this man any way possible,” another fan added.

“How would cam not know the playbook after a year????? I get it he not mvp cam from 2015 but we not gone lie and say he just dumb and lazy,” one added.

Newton, meanwhile, is currently without a team.

“Dallas was a spot that I think some prognosticators thought ‘Well, maybe they don’t have an established No. 2.’ OK, that would make some sense. If it’s not going to happen there, I’m looking around the league. Unless I’m missing something, I really don’t see a landing spot,” NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport said.


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