NFL World Reacts To Surprising Travis Kelce News


Travis Kelce dropped a bombshell tidbit of news on Wednesday, but it doesn’t have to anything to do with his play on the field with the Kansas City Chiefs. Apparently, we’ve all been pronouncing his last name wrong.

In a recent appearance on Barstool Sports’ Bussin’ With The Boys podcast, the 31-year-old tight end revealed that his surname is actually pronounced “Kels.”

“I got ‘Kel-see’ then I got ‘Kels.’ My real name is ‘Kels,’ so I mean… I just kind of roll with the punches,” Kelce said.

On a fairly light news day in the NFL, the tight end’s comments immediately caught the attention of fans, media members and even teammates. Quarterback Patrick Mahomes took to Twitter, only to discover that he’d been mispronouncing Kelce’s last name all along.

“You learn something new everyday,” Mahomes wrote about his teammate’s stunning news.

Mahomes wasn’t the only who had a sudden realization about Kelce on Wednesday. Tyreek Hill and Chris Jones also discovered that they might’ve been pronouncing their teammate’s name wrong all along.

Members of the Chiefs weren’t the only ones stunned at Kelce’s admission on Wednesday. Around the NFL, fans and media members tried to make sense of the tight’s end’s news.

Apparently this week’s interview wasn’t the only time that Kelce has used that pronunciation for his last name. Harold Kuntz of FOX 4 News Kansas City pointed out to fans that the Chiefs tight end in a promo before the 2020 AFC Championship Game against the Titans.

However, Travis’ older brother, Jason, has also been called “Kel-see” throughout his entire 10-year NFL career with the Philadelphia Eagles, but never spoke out about the pronunciation.

All in all, the Chiefs tight end has created quite a stir around the league.

Regardless of how his surname is pronounced, Kelce has continued to show out on the field. At the age of 31, he racked up an NFL-best 1,416 yards and 11 touchdowns at the tight end position. As he’s gotten older, he continues to improve and appears to just be reaching his playing peak.

Kelce will be back on a Chiefs team with Super Bowl aspirations this season. When Week 1 rolls around at Arrowhead Stadium, all eyes (and ears) will be on how the Kansas City media pronounces his last name.


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