NFL World Reacts To Peyton, Eli Manning’s Performance


The debut of ESPN’s “Monday Night Football” with the Manning brothers went better than anyone could’ve possibly imagined.

On Monday night, Peyton and Eli put on a show for NFL fans watching the Ravens-Raiders game with constant skits, hilarious one-liners, and brotherly jabs at each other.

There were some concerns that Peyton and Eli were going off the rails during the first half of action, especially when a fire alarm went off at Eli’s place. However, the Manning brothers did an excellent job of settling in and showing off their football knowledge in the second half.

ESPN’s debut broadcast featuring the Manning brothers was so entertaining the majority of the NFL world couldn’t help but talk about it on social media.

Here are some of the top reactions to “Monday Night Football” with the Manning brothers:

Just listening to Peyton and Eli joke around with each other for three hours was hilarious. Although it’s still very early in the season, we think Eli got the best of Peyton in Week 1.

“Shocking that a helmet doesn’t fit you,” Eli said when Peyton ran a play on set with a very tight Ravens helmet on. “They didn’t have a XXL helmet for that forehead.”

Last night’s broadcast was also very intriguing because of the high-profile guests they had on, such as Travis Kelce, Ray Lewis and Russell Wilson.

NFL fans can’t wait to see what the Manning brothers have in store for us next broadcast.


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