NFL World Reacts To Manning Brothers’ Monday Night Football Broadcast


If ESPN can work out a few broadcasting kinks, it may have a winning formula in its secondary Monday Night Football set-up led by the Manning brothers.

Peyton and Eli are running ESPN’s secondary Monday Night Football broadcast this evening. The inaugural “ManningCast” has been a pretty big success. So far, the two former NFL greats have dropped plenty of football knowledge, cracked jokes and told more than a few stories.

On the flipside, some football fans weren’t happy with how ESPN framed the broadcast. Peyton and Eli took up a good chunk of the screen, drawing attention away from the game itself. There was even a moment in which the broadcast cut away from the game entirely for Peyton to explain what it means to “can a play.” It was a pretty big error by ESPN, but it’s unclear if it was intentional or not.

ESPN could have a winning broadcasting formula here if it fixes some of the biggest fan complaints.

What do you think of the Manning brothers mega-cast on Monday night?

It looks like reviews are mixed. Some loved it.

“The Mannings MNF is essentially a Manning family podcast and I am here for it,” said Trey Wingo via Twitter.

Others weren’t as impressed.

“We don’t need to see Peyton and Eli,” wrote Pro Football Talk via Twitter. “It makes the game smaller on the screen.”

Let’s take a look at what others had to say about ESPN’s secondary Monday Night Football viewing option.

The good news for the Manning brothers is that they’re just getting started. A few weeks in, both Peyton and Eli should develop pretty solid rhythm.

You can catch the rest of the Manning brothers mega-cast right now on ESPN2. The Ravens currently lead the Raiders 7-0 late in the first quarter.


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