NFL World Reacts To Kyle Shanahan’s Blunt Comment


Earlier Wednesday morning, San Francisco 49ers head coach Kyle Shanahan‘s comment about wide receiver Brandon Aiyuk made headlines.

“He’s been a little inconsistent because he’s been in and out with his injury and stuff. … If he wants to be out there every single play, he’s got to be a lot better than the guy behind him,” Shanahan said.

Of course, his comments hit social media and immediately went viral. Fans weren’t exactly sure why Shanahan seemed to be punishing the young wide receiver for his hamstring injury.

“What the heck is Kyle Shanahan doing with Brandon Aiyuk?” one fan asked. “Trent Sherfield is a cute story and it’s great that he’s getting run. But it seems like Shanahan is dawging Aiyuk less than a year after he was an amazing piece on offense. Who knows what goes on behind closed doors though.”

Another football analyst took to social media to highlight just how great Aiyuk was during his rookie season. He suggested Aiyuk should get more playing time than he received in Week 1, but Shanahan beats to his own drum.

Aiyuk saw the field on just 15 plays during the 49ers win over the Detroit Lions on Sunday afternoon.

It’s unclear if he’ll play more this weekend when the 49ers face off against the Philadelphia Eagles.


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