NFL World Reacts To Keyshawn Johnson’s Crazy Quarterback List


Former wide receiver Keyshawn Johnson was a hot-take machine on Wednesday’s edition of First Take. His most interesting comment came during a debate about whether or not Lamar Jackson is elite.

When revealing his list of elite quarterbacks in the NFL, Johnson made some space for Las Vegas Raiders signal-caller Derek Carr.

“See, I like Derek Carr, but that’s just me,” Johnson said. “I’ve been saying it since Day 1. Three years ago he was an MVP candidate until he got hurt…They’re not losing because of him. They’re losing because of that damn defense.”

That remark from Johnson left Stephen A. Smith dumbfounded on the First Take set.

Most of the NFL world was on Smith’s side. They couldn’t believe that Johnson called Carr an elite quarterback.

Of course, Raiders fans really like what Johnson had to say about Carr.

“Keyshawn Johnson mentioned Derek Carr as ‘elite’ and Stephen A Smith lost his mind lol,” one Raiders fan said. “While I don’t agree Carr is ‘elite’ to me he’s very good a step below elite. I value Keyshawn Johnson’s football opinion much more than Stephen A Smith.”

Carr has been a very productive quarterback in the NFL for the past few years. However, there aren’t many analysts out there who would call him elite.

If Carr can take his game to the next level this fall, he’ll earn more recognition from the rest of the NFL world. Until that happens, Johnson will most likely stand alone on the “Derek Carr is elite” hill.


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