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NFL World Reacts To Former GM’s Ben Roethlisberger Claim

The Pittsburgh Steelers have stated several times this offseason that Ben Roethlisberger still has some gas left in the tank. Former NFL general manager Mike Tannenbaum, however, thinks Roethlisberger’s days of being a reliable quarterback are over.

During this Thursday’s edition of Get Up, Tannenbaum unleashed his boldest take of the offseason. He said that Roethlisberger will get benched at some point during the 2021 season.

“He’s going to be bad, and I expect him to benched by the middle of the season,” Tannenbaum said. “Here’s why. When I was with the Jets and the Dolphins, Ben Roethlisberger was a big, physical, get the ball down the field quarterback. Stats don’t always paint the picture, but in 2015, Roethlisberger was third in the NFL in yards per pass attempt. Last year, at 38 years old, he was 31st. He just checked the ball down.”

Tannenbaum finished his rant on Get Up by saying that Roethlisberger’s career is over.

Unsurprisingly, Steelers fans are pretty upset with this take from Tannenbaum. They believe he’s going to continue to bang this drum until he’s proven right.

“Mike Tannenbaum is just gonna keep doubling down on dumb takes until he eventually gets one right,” one fan wrote. “He said basically the same thing last year. He couldn’t speak it into existence then either.”

Steelers reporter Chris Carter is curious if Tannenbaum has a negative opinion of Roethlisberger because the two-time Super Bowl champion performed well against his former teams, the Dolphins and Jets.

“It’s like Ben Roethlisberger did something to a team he was with,” Carter tweeted.

Some fans in Pittsburgh are putting a positive spin on Tannenbaum’s remarks. They believe the media has set the bar so low for Roethlisberger that he’ll surprised a lot of people with his production.

“At this rate, all Ben has to do is have an average season to shut up half of the national media,” a Steelers fan tweeted. “With Fichtner gone, I don’t see why anyone would expect him to have a huge drop-off after a decent 2020 when OL, WRs, TEs, & RBs stunk. Nowhere else to go but up at those positions.”

Are Roethlisberger’s best days behind him? Sure, but it would be a real stunner to see him get benched for Dwayne Haskins or Mason Rudolph later this year.

Roethlisberger managed to throw for 3,803 yards and 33 touchdowns last season. With a revamped running game by his side, he could put up efficient numbers this upcoming season.

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