NFL World Reacts To Crazy Aaron Rodgers Suggestion


In-season quarterback trades almost never happen in the National Football League, especially in-season superstar quarterback trades.

The Green Bay Packers played so poorly in Week 1, though, that’s there’s already speculation that one could potentially happen.

Pro Football Talk’s Mike Florio floated the question on Sunday night following the Packers’ blowout loss to the Saints.

“Week One overreaction question: Is it crazy to think there could be an in-season trade of Aaron Rodgers?” he tweeted.

The answer: Yes, it’s probably crazy, but never say never with Aaron Rodgers and the Packers. There was clearly a lot of turmoil between Rodgers and the front office this offseason. It’s fair to suggest that things are not at a good level right now.

Some NFL fans are preaching patience, while others could see a trade happening.

“Before everyone loses their minds, Tom Brady didn’t exactly blow the doors off NO Week 1 of last year. Their divisional competition is Chicago, Detroit and Minnesota,” one fan tweeted.

“No, not crazy at all. Rodgers looked so dejected today, I think he’s just miserable in Green Bay,” another fan added.

There’s still one team pushing hard for Rodgers, too. The Broncos do not have a longterm answer at the quarterback position. The reports have suggested that the trade offer would be made after the season, but maybe it could come sooner.

Rodgers admitted before the regular season that he has nothing left to prove. His priority moving forward is just enjoying life and football.

“I don’t feel like I have anything left to prove on the field,” Rodgers said. “I think it’s more about the enjoyment and the happiness and the quality of life that this game has afforded me over the years. And being able to 100 percent commit to everything that my job entails and there were many times during the offseason where I felt like I wasn’t able to fully do that. And until I was, it was a possibility.”

It didn’t look like Rodgers was having much fun today, though. It’s going to be a very interesting season in Green Bay.


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