NFL World Reacts To Aaron Rodgers’ Comments On Packers


Aaron Rodgers has been pretty quiet about his situation with the Green Bay Packers. But during The Match on Tuesday he let one nugget slip that people have quickly seized on.

While driving a golf cart around the course, Rodgers fielded a few questions from the commentary team. The main one they asked was whether he’ll be suiting up for the Packers in 2021 – specifically for their September 12 season-opener against the New Orleans Saints.

Rodgers being Rodgers, he replied, “I don’t know. We’ll see,” with a slight smile. He repeated that answer to several variations of the question regarding his future in Green Bay.

Rodgers and the Packers have been at a standoff for months over his future in Green Bay. He chose not to opt out of the 2021 season, but his return to the team is very much in question.

The reactions on social media are all over the place. Some people are delighted by how he’s stringing everyone along, while his fans are practically crying:

It’s unclear what exactly it is that Aaron Rodgers wants from the Packers in exchange for returning. There have been so many conflicting reports that it’s hard to make sense of where he really stands.

But the Packers have maintained for months that Rodgers is not up for a trade. They’re reportedly not even fielding calls for him from interested teams.

Even with training camp just around the corner, it seems unlikely that Rodgers will join the Packers for the time being.

In Rodgers’ own words: “We’ll see, won’t we?”


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