NFL World Confused By Bears’ Quarterback Situation


The Chicago Bears – and their bizarre quarterback situation – are on full display on NBC’s Sunday Night Football this evening.

Andy Dalton is the Bears’ starting quarterback. Head coach Matt Nagy has made that extremely clear throughout the offseason, preseason and lead-up to Week 1.

Justin Fields, the team’s top NFL Draft pick, is the backup. However, Fields is going to play some inside of the red zone.

The Bears’ quarterback situation was on full display in their opening drive against the Los Angeles Rams. Dalton started, Fields came in for a play inside the red zone, then Dalton threw a crushing interception.

Fans are already calling for a change, though it’s hard to blame them.

“Is there anybody besides Matt Nagy who thinks the Bears should be playing Andy Dalton over Justin Fields? Does Andy Dalton even think he should be playing over Justin Fields?” one NFL fan tweeted.

There is a MASSIVE difference between Jimmy G starting over Trey Lance and Andy Dalton starting over Justin Fields Put him in Bears,” another fan added.

Dalton just stared down his target and threw it into lockdown coverage and I’m not happy. Not saying he hasn’t had a few good plays but c’mon this is the stuff you’re saying you want to make sure Fields is good at. Dalton isn’t doing well at it either. Had to rant real quick lol,” one fan added.

Don’t expect Matt Nagy to make any changes anytime soon, though. He appears to be very committed to Andy Dalton.

The Rams lead the Bears, 10-0, early in the first half.

The game is on NBC.


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