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NFL Running Back Has Message For Unvaccinated Players

In the wake of the NFL’s new announcements regarding COVID-19 vaccinations, Las Vegas Raiders running back Jalen Richard has a message for his fellow unvaccinated players.

Richard, who has espoused an anti-vax stance before, tweeted this afternoon after the NFL announced that any game postponed due to a COVID-19 outbreak that can not be made up will result in a forfeit for the team experiencing the outbreak.

The veteran back stated that he and other unvaccinated players are “playing in jail” this year and have to know the league’s enhanced regulations inside and out.

“I encourage all unvaccinated players to read the rules-know ’em like you know your plays,” Richard said. “We playing in jail this year and you should act as such. The only benefit we have is we still get tested everyday, but protect yourselves this season. Play ball and go home – sad but a must!”

Last month, the NFL issued a memo detailing restrictions for players who do not receive the COVID-19 vaccine. Among them are daily testing, social distancing, mask wearing at team facilities and more.

The message from the league in June was clear: get the vaccine, or else your job will become a lot harder. Now, today’s news could leave some players who choose to forego COVID inoculation without jobs at all.

It’s highly conceivable that any unvaxxed players competing for roster spots could be at a disadvantage when up against vaccinated players, simply because teams are not going to want a higher risk of having an outbreak in their ranks. Not when wins and losses and playoff money is on the line.

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