NFL Pro Bowl Tight End Has An Offer For Tim Tebow


Tim Tebow has received an offer for some help from one of the league’s best tight ends.

Darren Waller, a Pro Bowl tight end for the Las Vegas Raiders, has offered to help Tebow as he attempts to make the Jacksonville Jaguars roster. Tebow, 33, was not invited to the “Tight End U” camp hosted by some of the league’s top tight ends. However, he has received a nice offer from Waller.

“If he thinks he can learn from me, then I’d love to help him and help make his transition smoother,” Waller told TMZ Sports.

Tebow, who starred at quarterback in college and won a playoff game under center for the Denver Broncos, is attempting to make the Jaguars as a tight end. He signed a one-year contract in Jacksonville this offseason, though he’s far from a lock to make the roster.

Waller, 28, shifted from wide receiver to tight end and has become one of the best at his position with the Raiders.

“I tried to find any information I could from watching guys play or asking people when I moved,” Waller said of his own move. “So I’d love to continue to pass that on and help him be a better player.”

Waller thinks Tebow can be successful.

“Football is in his blood,” Waller said. “So I feel like he’ll find a way. He’ll find a way. He’s physical, he’s athletic. So I wish him nothing but the best going forward.”


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