NFL Legend Reveals How Much Michael Jordan Would Bet On Golf


It’s no secret that Michael Jordan loves gambling on sporting events, especially when he’s on the course with another fellow athlete.

Jordan has played the golf legends like Tiger Woods and Rickie Fowler, but no one has told just how much Jordan loves to wager. Until now, that is.

Former Chicago Bears star linebacker Brian Urlacher said he faced off against Jordan a few times – on the golf course and in the bowling alley. He said their bets were generally around a few hundred dollars.

“When I was younger, you know it was like $100 per nine,” he said. Whatever you lose three, five hundred bucks. We bowled one year for $100 a pin in like 2005 or 2006 we were bowling for $100 a pin difference…I did pretty well that day. I bowled like 190-something.”

While Jordan usually ends up winning, Urlacher said Jordan allowed him to take an extra shot or two if necessary.

“I played with Michael my second year in Chicago. The first tee, I hit the ball 70 yards straight left and he goes ‘everyone does that with my on the first tee.’ He says ‘I’m gonna give you another one.’”

Jordan likely bets a lot more when he’s playing a professional in that sport, though.


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