NFL Insider Offers Latest On Aaron Rodgers Potentially Opting Out


Two weeks ago, NFL insider Mike Florio of ProFootballTalk brought up the idea of Aaron Rodgers opting out of the season. It would be a loophole for Rodgers, as he would get to continue his holdout without losing his signing bonus or roster bonus.

The deadline for players to opt out of the 2021 season was this past Friday. However, that doesn’t mean Green Bay Packers fans can exhale just yet.

On Saturday morning, Florio announced that a transaction report listing the players who opted out of this upcoming season won’t be available until Tuesday.

“The opt out window has closed,” Florio tweeted. “However, the league will be issuing no transaction reports until Tuesday. So there won’t be official confirmation that anyone or no one opted out for four days.”

Even though we can’t slam the door shut on the possibility of Rodgers opting out, ProFootballTalk reported that it’s unlikely he goes that route.

This hasn’t been an easy offseason for Green Bay, but the franchise has to be OK with where it stands with Rodgers.

Earlier this week, ESPN insider Jeremy Fowler announced that Rodgers doesn’t have a trade market at this moment. That’s because the Packers have no plans on shipping out the reigning MVP.

“Valuable context, as I explained on show before Zoom snafu cut out part of answer: No market because GB still giving zero indications it’s trading him,” Fowler wrote. “Hence, there’s nothing for monitoring teams to do right now.”

Do you think Aaron Rodgers will be back in Green Bay for the 2021 season?


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