NFL Insider Names League’s Most ‘Versatile’ Player


On Wednesday morning, NFL Network’s panel of analyst tried to answer one question: who is the most versatile player in the NFL?

Well, NFL insider Mike Garafolo came up with a pretty solid answer. He suggested star safety Tyrann Mathieu is the more versatile player in the league – and has been for several years.

“It’s the same guy it’s been for 5… 6… 7 years!” Garafolo said. “Tyrann Mathieu for the Kansas City Chiefs. I know defensive coordinator Steve Spagnuolo loves him and loves his versatility. You want to talk versatility? According to Pro Football Focus, last year he played 982 snaps. 365 of those were as a slot corner, 315 in the box, 238 as a free safety, 48 on the defensive line and 17 lined up as a cornerback out wide.”

It’s difficult to argue against Garafolo’s point here. Mathieu made an immediate impact for the Chiefs when he signed with Kansas City in free agency.

He helped the Chiefs to a Super Bowl title over the San Francisco 49ers in his first year with the team. He’s been named to three first-team All-Pro teams during his illustrious career as well.

It’s tough to find a more versatile player than the Honey Badger.


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