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NFL Insider Has Strong Stance On What 2021 Season Means For Russell Wilson, Seahawks

After a tiff earlier in the offseason, Russell Wilson has assured everyone that he and the Seattle Seahawks are on the same page. For a few weeks it looked like he may join Aaron Rodgers and Deshaun Watson in the ranks of the disgruntled superstar quarterbacks.

Instead, everything has been smoothed over…for now at least. This week, he said his relationship with head coach Pete Carroll, the only NFL coach he’s played for, is “stronger than ever.”

Of course, things can change significantly over the course of a single season. Seahawks insider Joe Fann recently said that if the team “continue the status quo or regress, this will be the last year of Russell Wilson in Seattle.” ESPN’s Dan Graziano seems to agree.

He was asked about the status of Wilson and the Seahawks, and how important the 2021 season will be for their future together on SportsCenter on Saturday morning. “A lot,” he said.

“If you remember when Russell Wilson was aggravated at the end of last season and there were rumblings about him potentially wanting out, they’ve smoothed all that over and that’s fine for now. But if they have a disappointing season and his frustrations that he was feeling back in January and February are deeper next offseason, it’s entirely possible the Seahawks could move on.

“Remember, the contract, he has three years left on it. It would have added $7 million to their salary cap this year if they would have traded him. Next year if they trade him, they would save $11 million on next year’s salary cap, plus it would give them time to figure out where they go at the quarterback position.”

For a while last year, it looked like the Seahawks were willing to really unleash Wilson, or “let Russ cook,” as so many Seattle fans had called for in recent years. With DK Metcalf and Tyler Lockett on the outside, he has the weapons for it.

By season’s end, however, the team reverted to something closer to the run-first style that has been a staple of the Carroll-led franchise.

Right now, everyone in Seattle is saying all the right things, but a disappointing season or a sense of stagnation from either side of the equation could lead to a big change.


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