NFL Fans Share Concerns Over New Lamar Jackson Video


Footage surfaced Monday morning of Lamar Jackson taking reps at wide receiver and defensive back on a basketball court against some local players.

While Jackson looks explosive as ever in the video, not all Baltimore Ravens fans are thrilled to see their quarterback risking injury on concrete. 

Throughout Jackson’s career, the football world has fantasized about his potential at other positions. The former Louisville Cardinal is way more than “athletic for a QB”––he’s one of the most dangerous ball carriers in the NFL. In 37 career starts, Jackson has already amassed 2,906 rushing yards and 19 touchdowns––even as Baltimore limits his regular season workload. Jackson averaged a stellar 6.3 yards per rushing attempt in 2020.

In the brief video, Jackson also displays his man coverage skills, jamming a receiver at the line and wowing the crowd with his physicality. 

The 2019 MVP isn’t particularly reckless in this footage. But the Ravens (and neutral NFL fans and observers) would be understandably upset if Jackson were to hurt himself while messing around at other positions.

In Lamar Jackson’s defense, plenty of others came to his defense, especially since he did not get hurt. The former MVP is under constant pressure to show off his physical gifts, as well. In 2018, one day after Baltimore selected him 32nd overall in the draft, Jackson was asked whether he’s recorded a 40-yard dash.

“4.34” was Jackson’s answer. “I ran it with turf toe, too,” he added. “So, I don’t know what I really run.”


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