NFL Fans React To Troy Aikman’s Theory On Tom Brady


Troy Aikman has some interesting thoughts on Tom Brady’s comments on the league’s offseason activity rules.

Speaking to The Ringer, Aikman said he believes Brady was misleading his NFL colleagues when he cautioned against too much offseason work.

“I was surprised to hear Tom Brady say ‘Yeah, the players need more time off,’” Aikman said on the Flying Coach podcast. “He was very vocal. It shocked me, because I know Tom well. . . . And then I realized, that’s the greatness of Tom Brady, because I can assure you, he’s not taking those days off and that team is not taking those days off, and so he views it as a total competitive advantage. If teams are practicing less and he’s practicing more, that’s going to give him a leg up on the competition, and I think that was really the whole motivation in his comments.”

Brady had previously spoken out against too much offseason work.

“There’s no f—ing pro baseball player that’s throwing 95 mph in mid-December,” Brady said.

NFL fans seem to agree with Aikman’s theory.

“He did admit on that LeBron show he doesn’t say what he means lol (Brady),” one fan replied.

“He’s crazy enough to think that small amount gives him a .10% edge Chess > checkers,” another fan added.

“This is pretty accurate. Brady doesn’t work less than anyone. Middle of a world lock down he’s getting guys together and practicing,” one said.

Whatever Brady is doing, it’s working.

Brady and the Buccaneers will open the 2021 season on Thursday, Sept. 9 against the Cowboys.


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