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NFL Analyst Names League’s Worst Quarterback Division

On Wednesday afternoon, NFL Network analyst Adam Schein ranked the divisions by their quarterback play.

It wasn’t surprising to see the NFC West at the top of the list. Kyler Murray, Matthew Stafford and Russell Wilson are among the most talented quarterbacks in the NFL.

While Jimmy Garoppolo isn’t in their class, he is still an average to above-average quarterback. Unfortunately, while one division received top marks, there has to be a loser.

That distinction belongs to the NFC East. Aside from Dak Prescott, Schein isn’t impressed with the quarterback depth in that division.

Here’s what he said:

I love Dak. I loathe the rest of the division. Heck, I won’t be surprised if Hurts is the second-best quarterback in the NFC East this year, especially with the addition of Heisman Trophy winner DeVonta Smith. But Hurts remains raw as an NFL signal-caller. Meanwhile, I think the Washington quarterback situation is terrible. I’m sorry, but Ryan Fitzpatrick is not the answer. And I still haven’t seen anything all that encouraging from Jones, whose most consistent contribution is turning the ball over.

Giants quarterback Daniel Jones has shown flashes of being an elite NFL quarterback. Unfortunately those flashes have been few and far between as he’s struggled to live up to his draft status.

We’ll have to wait and see if he and Jalen Hurts can take a step forward in 2021.

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