NDR mishaps it with humor “daily News”: That’s why a stranger moderated.


NDR mishaps it with humor “daily News”: That’s why a stranger moderated.

Anyone who tunes in to the “Tagesschau” knows exactly what he is getting. But not always who: On Thursday, the audience were amazed that André Schünke moderated. Behind it was a breakdown of the first.

8 p.m. in the first: the daily news. The moderation desk of what is probably the most famous news program on German TV is a much sought-after job for journalists. And sometimes you come across them by chance. At least that was what happened to André Schünke on Thursday. The presented the news of the day because there was a breakdown behind the scenes, as the NDR admitted.

A tweet from NDR said: “Surprised? There was a mistake in the planning. Tagesschau24 presenter André Schünke stepped in at short notice. The best thing about the north is our spontaneity!”

After all, the station took this with humor and posted various memes in its short messages:

And the people in front of the screens? Schünke accepted them very well. With the short message service Twitter, many users praised the substitute for the “Tagesschau”.

“Pleasantly surprised. He should continue to moderate the news,” said one user. Another also found words of praise: “It went really well. Confident, professional and friendly. Leave him on the roster!” And someone else joked: “Imagine you want to go home but then suddenly you have to watch the ‘Tagesschau’ in front of five to seven million viewers and then do it so routinely!”

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